Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stupid ISP...

Due to an unfortunate internet outage last night (I'm still grumbling about it...), I was unable to post about my ARF/5-a-day dinner last night. Ah well. Too late for Missindi's lineup, but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

Chickpea and Sweet Potato Stew graced the table last night, served over couscous. This was a real first for me, as I don't ever cook with "sweet" spices or dried fruits. I was a bit skeptical, but am really trying to challenge myself and try things I would normally pass on. So, when flipping through A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen by Jack Bishop for the ninetieth time since I received the book for Christmas, I paused on this recipe yet again. I felt drawn to it. Challenged by it. I had to try it. And last night, I did. The flavor was really interesting: warm, smoky, and not-quite-sweet from the cinnamon-cumin spice mixture; a great variety of textures: toothsome chickpeas, tender sweet potatoes, and prunes that practically melted into the sauce. It was quite good!

I had a craving for something sweet after dinner last night, and pulled out another cookbook I recently received that's been getting rave review over on the CLBB: One Smart Cookie. There are quite a few recipes I have earmarked to try, but I settled on Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars. They came together very quickly, and after a quick 25 minutes in the oven, I was wishing for a cold glass of milk to enjoy with my treat. Yum! They taste just like the ones my friend Laura's mom used to make when we were in elementary school. Nice and chewy, full of chocolate chips. These bars were a welcomed blast from the past. I stuck a few in the freezer for later and am really trying not to sneak down to the kitchen for another one to nibble on right now!


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